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Trigger warnings

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Trigger warnings: Should they appear on books? LINK

This is an interesting concept to me.  A trigger warning to what? Steer perfectly reasonable folks away from something? Towards it?  What I know of human nature, a trigger warning, really any type of “warning”, is like light to moths or bees to pollenation.

It’s almost as if tattoing a note of a book saying “hey, come read me…there is disturbing, forbidden, graphic, crude or controversial” content in here.  So you “don’t want to miss out”.  Don’t be the one who is out of the loop.

I am okay personally not being in touch with things that are so disturbing or controversial, like that recent Facebook post, of an injured elephant whose trunk had been hacked off!  An outcry from several folks, including myself, hopefully has led to it’s removal.  However, would a trigger warning prevented those of us who didn’t want to see such a graphic image from confronting us when we checked our timelines?!  Would it have drawn us in with the intrigue of seeing something forbidden or gross.

Human curiosity is going to win out the majority of the time.  The saying of “curiosity killed the cat” should actually be rewritten to say “human curiosity killed the innocence of naivete”.


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