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Why I blog!


To blog or not to blog…

I had pondered for some time before I started my blog here on  I chose to blog for my own introspection and reflection on my life’s events – past, present and future.

If I may seem to be “in the past”, that is where I find myself reflecting upon these days. I reflect, and contemplate my past actions, words, thoughts and deeds, because I feel it helps me understand where I came from and where I am headed.

I am also reflecting on my past, probably more so than I will in the future, in an attempt to let you’all learn about me and where and what I come from.  My past shaped my present,  and my present shapes my future.

I received recent feedback on my blog that I am “living too much in the past”; I disagree.  I am not living my past, I am sharing it for my own edification and to use it to shape my present.

In my past 10 years of life, I have been through A LOT of life’s hardest and toughest lessons:

My marriage ended;
I dated a physically abusive man;
I found eternal salvation;
I lost several close & dear friends to misunderstandings, my anger & betrayals;
I became an aunt 2 times;
I changed jobs 3 times;
I physically & medically became disabled;
I got healed of my carpal tunnel;
I reconciled with several of those betrayed friends;
I learned new methods for coping with depression, anxiety & chronic pain; and
I sought counseling for my anger & resentments.
I learned how to forgive, make amends, and reconcile!

Those are a lot of past topics I had wanted to, intend to, cover in future posts. So if this is uninteresting to you, please do not follow my blog or sign up for email alerts.

I am not interested in any feedback, or criticisms, that I am living in the pastkeep your negativity and judgements to yourself, thank you! I am about personal growth and development and I intend to share my journey thru my past (my journey up the mountain to the high places), where I am at in my present and wax & wane on my anticipated future.

So thank you kindly for your support and encouragement, and for those who want to judge, please keep your negativity to yourself…


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Author: gracemissylolasmom

I am 44 years old. I love the Lord, God my Savior above all else. I am a mom to 3 dogs who are the delight of my life. I love my nephews and family fiercely. I am a project manager. I volunteer for an organization called Ncompass. I am going to be blogging about all the subjects...and more!

26 thoughts on “Why I blog!

  1. We’re a group of volunteers andd opening a new scheme in our community.
    Your web site ooffered us with valuable information to work on. You
    have done an impressive job and our whole community will be thankful tto you.

  2. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    We are all on our own personal journeys here and I think we all also wish to share without suffering criticism overly. Thank you for the visit to my blog and welcome to WordPress. I hope you find blogging as fulfilling and enjoyable as I have… for the most part. I hope you enjoy the reads. -OM
    Note: Comments disabled here, please comment on their post.

  3. Heck, a lot of my posts are about things that happened in the past, and my readership keeps growing. Hang in there – you’re doing fine.

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  5. Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it, after all. 🙂 Writing it out puts a new perspective on it, and that, in itself, can be the most valuable thing of all. Good for you. 🙂

  6. More to add “Life’s inspirations”. Isn’t it?

  7. It’s brave to share as you did. And I don’t think the past is as linear as we would like it to be anyway. It exists with us in the present, in my opinion, and it is only when we are open to the parts which were repressed, and allow them to be revealed, that they stop staring at us all of the time and allow us to live as we’d like most.

  8. I applaud your courage and grace! Whatever ‘the past’ is, it’s never over and done with. From my perspective, God always remains there, unbound by time, waiting to welcome me and give me new insight and compassion for myself and others.

    • Thanks. Not all who have read hear the same thing…many of my closest friends and family are reacting very much in disapproval and fear of my becoming angry at them and lashing out at them on my blog…but they need not fear, that is not my intention. I want to share where I have been, what I have overcome, and where I believe God is taking me. So, thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

  9. Reblogged this on The Good Lifestyler and commented:
    I always find it interesting to see why other bloggers got in to the game and decided to blog. There are a ton of different possible reasons which is why blogging has become such a popular and widespread activity. Everyone has something to say about some topic and what better way to get it out than to tell the world online.

  10. Every now and then it is nice to reflect on the past, it kind of makes you feel good about where you are now and how much you have actually achieved. Growing up in this world we are constantly comparing ourselves to the wrong people: Beyonce’s and Kardashians, we forget that we have our own journey and in order to be happy with where you are or heading you have to look within rather than outside.
    Thanks for the post, it made me realise it’s OK to go back in time for a few moments.

  11. Just arrived here through OM’s reblog. Thank you for sharing your blogging story. It’s true that our history shapes who we are now and who we are becoming. Reflecting on our past is needed to learn and grow, so thanks for sharing that with us.

  12. How sad that so many people who claim to “follow” the teachings of Christ Jesus forget what He said to a group of Pharisee’s who also wanted to “throw stones” and cast judgment! “You, who are without sin, cast the first stone!” When He stated that, isn’t it amazing that everyone EXCEPT the accused disappeared!
    You my Sister in Christ, do what the Holy Spirit is leading you to do and do it the way you feel is best to tell your story! I also am glad I found you, (thanks to you stopping by my new blog) and I don’t believe in luck or coincidence. I believe the Holy Spirit lays out a course for us and nothing is left to chance. Left to choice (on our part) yes, but chance, no! The Lord led you to my blog to make me aware of YOUR blog. I for one, will be honored to follow your writings because as “opinionatedman” stated, we are ALL on a personal journey and the key word is “personal!”
    I love your tag line for it holds promise and hope and we all need hope. AND I have learned that we never know just where the Holy Spirit will highlight inspiration or encouragement!
    We are ALL part of the Body of Christ with our own individual gifts and ministries (service) to give and when we do our part, the Body of Christ, (the TRUE Church) is whole and complete!
    So, until next time we communicate, God bless you richly and keep following your heart, for the Word of God tells us that He gives us the desires of our heart. (He doesn’t always give us what we want, that’s not what the Word means, but rather, He places desires for us to do things for Him and others, within our heart!) Again, God bless you Sis!

    • Wow, thank you Pastor Ledoux. I am honored to have you follow my humble musings on my life. And thank you for your kind words and encouragement of me. I have had so much unexpected backlash and it’s been very disheartening and discouraging! So to receive your words of kindness and blessing have warmed my heart and soul this morning. In Christ, blessing upon you!

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