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A matter of a miracle

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This post is taking me forever to finish…which is sad because of all the ones I have posted since starting my blog 2 weeks ago, this is perhaps the most important post of all I will write.

I received an honest-to-goodness miracle!!! Yes, I said MIRACLE.

The night it happened, and the subsequent 2 weeks after, I proclaimed my miracle and victory of God’s precious healing power, from the rooftops and to every one I came in contact with during that time. And now I want to share the miracle I received with you’all…

On Friday, April 11, my church, Rock Creek Christian, off 185th and Sunset Highway — they share the parking lot entrance/exit with Westview High School — was hosting a weekend of activities with Harold Eberle and Doug Addison. Doug Addison was the speaker that Friday night service. Below is a link to Doug’s website.

Life Season Link

That it was Doug who spoke that night, I don’t think is significant – other than his prophetic-ness was able to call out that someone had received a healing that night…and it was me!!! God delivered me from a spirit of infirmity and excrutiating pain in my hip and back – and it all happened during the worship part of Friday's service. He, Doug, said aloud at the end of the service, "someone over here (pointing to the area I was seated in) received physical healing tonight” and before I knew it, my hand shot up and I proclaimed loudly “that was me“.  I proceeded to tell the entire church how I had been in the ER on Tuesday, of that same week, with excruciating muscle spasms, and that I suffer from debilitating pain in my hips, from degenerative arthritis, and a (labrum) tear in my hip” and as of that moment, I was “pain free”

I had walked in to the church that night, leaning very heavily on my cane, and left church holding my cane, in my other hand, because I no longer needed it!  I had no pain for the first time in 3 months of the most excruciating pain I had experienced in the past 6 years, since my labrum was torn.

The saga of my pain and suffering begins, and can be read in an earlier post of mine – see 8 days and counting “8 days and counting”.

The miracle itself consists of a supernatural, surreal experience. I can only guess, at someone reading this post, and their skepticism. What I have as proof is 4 witnesses. They not only witnessed my miracle, but were each a part of it.

My closest, dearest friend, her daughter and her best friend, and my mom each had a part to play in my miracle. My mom came with me that night, at my request, and to ensure I would go and not back out! My friend had planned to attend, as RCC is her church, as well as her daughter’s church (her daughter is an elder in the church). As she always does, she brings her dearest, closest friends, and that is why one lady in particular was there that night.

So to begin, we walk in and the music is playing. And we sit down because I cannot stand. My muscles in my back are clenching and releasing so hard, I am breathing very shallow and holding my breath. I asked my mom to put her hand on my left side, of the upper-middle of my back where the spasm was the worst. She, by placing her hand on my spasm, was essentially holding it in and preventing it from getting worse. We were hunched over slightly as I was in such excrutiating pain. As the music continued to play, I remember my mom started to cry and she exclaimed “Jesus is here tonight” and she was overwhelmed with His loving presence.

I saw a vision of 4 sets of hands laying on me. And it was an insistent vision, in that I couldn’t shake it. So I leaned over to my friend, and told her my vision. She said to me back in reply “that God doesn’t need man to heal me”…I replied, “yes, I know…” Then she laid her hands on my head and my shoulders. Mind you, my mom still had her hands on me.

As my friend began to pray in tongues, my body suddenly jerked backwards, and I mean IT did it, not me doing it. And I started to moan and groan with pain. I pulled my friend over my mom’s body when I jerked backwards, but they both continued to hold on to me.

The next thing I know, my torso starts to convulse, tremble and quiver, and my muscles are spasming uncontrollably now, and it felt as if something was inside me…literally!!!

Then in the next moment, I felt 2 more sets of hands on me – my friend’s daughter and her best friend had laid their hands on me too. I now had 4 sets of hands on me!! Just like my vision, and I started to wail and sob, such deep tears that no sound came out of my mouth, but my body was racked with tears!!

And in a few seconds, I felt as if that physical presence left my body, thru my injured right hip. And all of the sudden, I felt as if a tremendous weight, and something very heavy, had been cast out of my body!!! I felt an immediate relief, and an incredible sense of peace and warmth and kindness…maybe even a little JOY. God is so Good and FAITHFUL and GRACIOUS!!!

He healed me! Completely!!! The demon was gone, and now when I sought any form of medical treatment, the MD’s were able to see what was wrong with me!! Prior to my miracle, that spirit was preventing the MD’s, chiropractors, and acupuncturists, I had previously sought treatment from, from helping me and providing me with any sort of lasting relief. In most cases, they were unable to diagnose the issue with me. Let alone, they were, up till my miracle, unable to help fix me. Since my miracle, the MD’S are able to see what is wrong with me, and to gve me a treatment that helps.

That is why I am completely trusting God for complete healing and a significant reduction in pain from my June 11 hip arthroscopy! That, in addition to PT, and pain management therapy, I will be right as rain (to borrow a quote from The Oracle in the Matrix movie series).

Praise God for His amazing, and gracious healing power!!! I am blessed beyond measure!!! ♡♡♡


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