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There are several good ideas in this posting. I want to try the Aveeno cream for my face. Since I have a convertible now, I am needing good moisturizing treatments for my frequently sun-burned face.


Hi There!

This is my first time creating, a monthly beauty products faves. And you know i loved sharing my beauty adventure with you guys. Well all these products were i been using lately and comforts my skin and body i should say all over. 🙂 As you can see all products are for hair, hygiene,  skincare and makeup. So…. Let’s get started.

JUNE FAV'STRESemme  – After bleaching, colored, styling hair I need a good hair treatment everyday. And I loved this cream after using this products it gives me smooth and silky hair.

WOMAN –  All women need to be stay healthy, confident and i trust lactacyd brand for my daily freshness as usual.

AVEENO –  I use this  as a face and body cleaners. I love the product for my dry skin. Scent not to strong, and its not feel like sand paper every time you rub on my skin.


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I am 44 years old. I love the Lord, God my Savior above all else. I am a mom to 3 dogs who are the delight of my life. I love my nephews and family fiercely. I am a project manager. I volunteer for an organization called Ncompass. I am going to be blogging about all the subjects...and more!

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