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I love soccer…or futbol as the world knows it.  It is one team sport I have not played, yet I desire to very much. Since I am home recuperating from hip surgery, I am all too well aware of my limitations.


I am unabashedly proud of our American men’s team. I support our local Portland Timbers and Thorns (women’s) teams. I go to as many games as my budget allows.

In fact, I was at my first Thorns game last night, with my dad, my good friend,  her daughter and daughter’s friend. My friend’s daughter plays soccer on her high school team. As does her friend she brought with her.  It was fun to ask them questions about the game, and why the ref made a certain call. 

My friend’s daughter suffered an unfortunate concussion,  not from a soccer game, but another teenager goofing around in PE class, kicked a ball and it hit her in the face.  She didn’t realize for a few days the extent of her injury,  but it was bad. She is still receiving treatment and is limited in how aggressive she can play when she’s on the field.

But I digress, I was wanting to say what I love about futbol and why I am enthralled with the 2014 FIFA world cup series.  Being home, I am able to watch all 3 matches per day, and I usually see portions of each and a full one, if I really like the team, and can stay awake for it. 

I love the intensity…the constant possession changes…the inexplicable calls by the referees…the strategy of ball movement forward, while the defending team attempts to stop the forward progress…the crowd enthusiasm…the chanting always a hum in the background…the amazing defense of the goalies…the talent of the players who can score with their heads!!!

I love it all.  And I wonder why did I not play this sport as a child.  I played volleyball and basketball.  But I bet as a soccer player, I would have been very successful.  I am 5’5″ and xxx #’s of muscle, (unfortunate flab), and pure entusiasm, and raw, natural athletic ability. I am sure, I would want to be a defensive player. I would love chasing down the ball and kicking it away from the opponent.  

I hope to be fully restored by my trip to Haiti in November. I want to play futbol with the kids at the orphanage. I plan to bring a few soccer balls with me. And my camera, what fun we will have. Futbol is an international language. Put a ball on the ground, and kick it with your foot, and anyone who joins you, knows automatically what to do.

Nike did a fascinating animated commercial, called “The Last Game”, check out the video here

It is a fun, and disturbing commercial. I can see how this could happen in the future. We are a species with a God-complex, and the inevitability of robots that can outplay us, is a very real possibility.

Anyway, I love futbol. I am enjoying watching the USA take on Germany in our final game before the rojnd of 16. Here is to keeping my toes and fingers crossed for good luck to our team.

Soccer is so unpredictable, and that is why I love it so!!! ⚽⚽⚽🙌🙏🙅

PS – @ 54′, Germany scored, Thomas Mueller. Our goalie tried, he stopped one kick, but Mueller beat him with the return kick 2 seconds later, in the opposite direction from which our goalie fell defending the first kick.

J. E. Morse
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