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I dream of Haiti…

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I originally started this blog for my upcoming trip to Haiti. And to get used to blogging, I decided to start early to get used to writing my thoughts and observations as they came.


And then I have been remiss in doing that this week. I have gotten much busier in this my third week back at work part-time. But thoughts of Haiti are never far from my mind.

I am still in need of financial support. I need $2,000 more to be donated. And I am gathering donations of clothing, shoes, toys, books and other life necessities. If you are able to help, please check out my Go Fund Me campaign at LINK TO HAITI FUND.

The one thing that occupies most of my thoughts however are the children. I wonder what they are like. How many are shy and reserved? Which ones are outgoing and outspoken? Which ones are having the hardest time adjusting to a life in the orphanage?

I know Renatta and her family have tried to make the Maranatha House a HOME for the children. And yet it is a place of underlying sadness, abandonment and rejection. These children I am sure are resilient and have adjusted as best they can to life without their parents, their siblings.

How many lost their family in the earthquake? How many are there despite their families still living nearby but unable to support or care for them?

I am aware of their backgrounds and yet I know nothing of these children. How many know God? Know Jesus? Call on the Holy Spirit to blanket them and their sorrows at night? How many smile despite the pain in their hearts?

I know when we go to visit them, they truly appreciate our time with them. They love the attention. I am hoping to make connections to at least 1 or 2 whom I can write to when I return. I always enjoyed having pen pals in my youth and it would be rewarding to have such a relationship with a child from Haiti.

I feel connected to them somewhat already. I have a necklace and several bracelets they made. Ncompass was selling them at a recent dinner they had in June and I got them there.


I wear them almost every day. It makes me feel a connection to them because one or more of the children made them from this place I go to see soon…

Until that time, I smile as I think of them, and I am grateful that I am able to have others support me and provide donations for me to be able to go and bless the kids. I will travel on the thoughts and prayers of those who help me get there.

I too pray that all who read my blog and of my soon-to-come adventures with the children of Maranatha House in Haiti will be blessed in some small way for sharing in this journey with me.


J. E. Morse
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I am 44 years old. I love the Lord, God my Savior above all else. I am a mom to 3 dogs who are the delight of my life. I love my nephews and family fiercely. I am a project manager. I volunteer for an organization called Ncompass. I am going to be blogging about all the subjects...and more!

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