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All about me…

In case, you’all don’t know me yet, here’s 10 things about me:

1. I am a Foley, proud daughter of a 1/2 Irish Dad, and a Bohemian mixed race Mom.
2. I am in my early 40’s…okay, almost mid-40’s!
3. I was married to a very kind and gentle man…who is no longer my husband, hence the last name of Morse.
4. I have been divorced 10 years now.
5. I found the Lord, in my lonely, desperation after my divorce 10 years ago.
6. I am technically a “born again” Christian, but I hate labels, so let’s just say, I love God, I believe Jesus saved me for eternity by dying on the cross for my sins, and the Holy Spirit is my greatest source of God’s peace and joyous living there ever was! ♡♡♡
7. I am a loving and proud dog owner to 3 amazing and wonderful furry companions.
8. I am loud, gregarious, outgoing and overwhelming when I am passionate and full of life!
9. My personality precedes me thru the door, and that often puts off people who don’t know how soft & tender my heart is…for them, my dogs, my family and my friends!
10. I am a super-proud Aunt (that’s Auntie JuJu, to you’all) to 2 amazing and wonderful nephews, JD who is now 5 and Carter who is almost 2 – in a few short days! Beyond my dogs, my Lord, and my family – not necessarily in prioritized order here – my nephews are who I live and breathe for.

Hope this list gives you a small flavor of who Julie Foley Morse is! ♡♤♡☆♧◇♡



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice work, Julie, and thank you very much for reblogging ‘museum piece’
    my best to you

  2. Julie, you are generous and very kind, i’m honoured

  3. Thank you so much for following my blog! Love yours, so full of Grace! Can’t wait to read more!

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