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Haiti Trip

This page will be dedicated to posts and such related to my volunteer mission to Haiti in November 2014.


UPDATE: Below is a list of items that are needed by the 40 children, 29 girls and 11 boys, ages ranging from 5 to 18 years old, at The Maranatha House orphange in Haiti. I wll be going on a misson trip there from November 26 – December 6, 2014.

If anyone who reads this can donate to either my GO FUND ME campaign (link here) or provide these items, please email me at .

●Church clothes (various sizes- the youngest is 5, the oldest is 18; a bit nicer than we would typically see for Portland church clothes, fairly conservative)
●For girls, dresses/skirts that cover the knees, and dresses/blouses that cover the shoulders (various sizes – new or gently used)
●For boys, slacks, and collared dress shirts (various sizes – new or gently used)
●Bras & underwear for girls (various sizes – new or gently used)
●Briefs underwear for boys (various sizes – new or gently used)
●Regular/every day clothes (various sizes – new or gently used)
●Dress shoes for boys for church (various sizes – new or gently used)
●Dress shoes for girls for church (various sizes – new or gently used)
●Tenis Shoes/Flip Flops (various sizes – new or gently used)
●Sheets & pillow cases
●Mosquito nets
●Oxford Dictionaries (English & French)
●Children’s picture books in English – we have a really great Haitian-American lady who is willing to translate these
●Kids Vitamins
●Tooth brush and toothpaste
●Powdered laundry / bar laundry soap (fels naptha)
●Body soap and liquid shampoo
●Hair accessories: ribbons, rubber bands, barrettes, combs, picks
●Bandaids/First-aid Supplies

Thank as always for any amounts you can provide…God Bless You!!!


2 thoughts on “Haiti Trip

  1. Why are you going? What do you hope to achieve? Do you need financial help?

    I’m loving the blog, already said that, now let me see if I can help 🙂 I think your structure is great, now see if you can iterate through each “this part will be about X” and put in some content… so glad to not see this guy ha ha

    • Hi Rob, I will send you a link to my GoFundMe campaign as I am asking for donations, please. And thank you.

      My trip is November 28 thru December 6. I will be going with an organization called Ncompass. You can read more about them and their ministry at

      I am going to just “love” on the 40+ children who live at the Maranatha House orphanage there. I hope to play soccer – provided my hip surgery on June 11 is successful. I also will be bringing my digital SLR for me and the kids to take pictures with.

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