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A busy few days…

It is always amazing to me that time can get away from me.  As I am building up strength and stamina, I am finding the energy I have makes me want to do more.  And yet, I have limitations as my body is still in recuperating mode.

Surgery really wipes a lot out of you in so many more ways than just the physical part.  Emotionally I am more raw than expected.   I find my emotions, especially the ones that make me cry, are so close to the surface.  And it is embarrassing at times to cry so much.  Yet there is a release too in allowing those emotions to get out.  If I keep them bottled up inside, they are more damaging than to let the tears flow.

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As you may have seen, I am recuperating from hip surgery a week ago + 2 days, and I have to say, the experience is at the same time, rewarding, challenging and painful.  I know in time, when I look back 5 years from now, I won’t remember the pain, or how hard each little activity was, or een how tortuous the rehab exercises were.  Our brains forget that part of any pain we suffer, thankfully!


Eagle bowing head in orayer

What I will remember is this…the kindness and compassion that my family, friends and even co-workers have shown me to come alongside me and help me through my recovery time.  They have bathed me, cooked for me, done my passive motion exercises, spent time with me just talking, held my hand when the pain was so intense all I could do was cry and shiver from the chills.

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